Association Française de Zootechnie Association Française de Zootechnie
The French Association for animal production is a crossroads for all actors in the animal production sector. Its objective is to promote the reflection, the diffusion and the application of the knowledge relating to farm animals, by supporting exchanges and collaborations between companies, professional organizations, research, academy and policy makers. It is also a place to promote an objective and positive image of animal products and animal productions.
The Australian-French Association for Research and Innovation (AFRAN) aims to actively promote the development of cooperation between France and Australia in the areas of research and innovation. The Association’s goals are to provide Australian and French researchers, R&D managers, industry players, innovators and policy makers with frameworks to enable collaboration, cooperation, innovation and transformative thinking beyond the capability of individuals.
INRAE is France's new National Research Institute for Agriculture, Food and Environment, created on January 1, 2020, It was formed by the merger of INRA, the National Institute for Agricultural Research, and IRSTEA, the National Research Institute of Science and Technology for the Environment and Agriculture. The missions of the "Animal physiology and livestock systems" division are: - Understand and control the mechanisms of development of phenotypes, behavior and animal products; - Develop techniques, practices and breeding systems that combine economic, environmental and social performance that promote animal welfare and health; - Participate in defining animal selection criteria to meet the challenges of multi-performance.
CSIRO is Australia's national science organisation and one of the largest and most diverse scientific research organisations in the world. Our research focuses on the biggest challenges facing the nation. We also manage national research infrastructure and collections.
Institut supérieur d'agriculture Rhône-Alpes (ISARA) is a French engineering College created in 1968. It trains engineers in agronomy, agrifood and environment. Located in Lyon, as well as in Avignon since 2017, the ISARA is a private higher education institution of general interest recognised by the State. ISARA is a member of the University of Lyon University Group.[
GIS Avenir Elevage GIS Avenir Elevage
GIS (Scientific Interest Group) Avenir Elevages is a long-term collaborative project that aims to generate and disseminate new knowledge and innovations for sustainable livestock production, laying the foundations for a new progressive era of livestock production. The twenty-three partners of GIS Avenir Elevages aim to generate and disseminate new knowledge and innovations for sustainable livestock production. This global and coherent framework will make it possible to define and implement a common strategy over the long term, ranging from basic research to applied innovation on the ground, laying the foundations for a new progressive era of livestock production.
Institut For A Positive Food Institut For A Positive Food
The “Institut For A Positive Food” is a non-profit association, proposing a positive vision of the food transition based on a diversified and balanced diet, accessible to the greatest number, giving a privileged place to raw, traditional and minimally processed foods and being part of local food culture and practices. With the support of a high level multi-disciplinary scientific committee, our objectives are to support the positive and holistic vision of food based on the definition of the World Health Organization of "healthy and sustainable diets", to produce and disseminate scientific data around the food transition and to promote exchanges and collaborations between actors of food sector to enhance the development and implementation of concrete actions facilitating to the adoption of healthy sustainable diets.
Selko Selko
Selo provides optimal feed additive solutions that are tailored to customers needs and rely on science-based, innovative programmes . Selko’s portfolio consists of feed additive solutions throughout the entire feed-to-food value chain. These include solutions for feed safety, Salmonella control, gut health, Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) and trace mineral optimisation.
The SNIA is a trade organization founded in 1971 and committed to CSR since 2021. It represents 100 animal nutrition companies in France. The SNIA is involved in all aspects of the compound feed manufacturing business, from the supply of raw materials, to delivery to farms and support of livestock farmers. The SNIA participates in the work of DURALIM, France's leading collaborative platform for sustainable livestock feed. It is a member of the OQUALIM, the french association for feed quality and safety. Around 19 million tonnes of compound feed are manufactured for livestock in France.
Sommet de l'élevage: 3-6 October 2023 Sommet de l'élevage: 3-6 October 2023
WORLD'S N°1 SUSTAINABLE LIVESTOCK SHOW, the Sommet de l'Elevage is one of the most important international exhibitions specialized in farm animal production. It hosts every year during 4 days: • 1,500 exhibitors from all agricultural sectors • 100,000 professional visitors from 80 countries • 2,000 animals from 70 breeds on show A VIP welcome for international visitors ! Free entrance to the show, International Business Club, 35 visits to farms and agro-industry sites, etc.
Terres Univia Terres Univia
Terres Univia is an interbranch organisation which represents french oilseed and oil fruit (rapeseed, sunflower, soya, linseed, olive) and legume seed (field pea, faba bean, lupin, lentil, chickpea, alfalafa) sectors interests. This sector supplies the livestock industry with concentrated proteins in the form of rapeseed, sunflower and soybean meals (the by-products of oil production), as well as pea, field bean and soybean grains. Thus, livestock feed is the main market in volume terms for oilseed and protein crops, which thus make a major contribution to reducing France’s deficit in protein-rich material.
Volvic Volvic
Volvic, brand of Danone, is a natural mineral water born in the heart of the Puys chain. Nestled in the heart of a preserved and protected ecosystem, it is bottled near its source. The Volvic water company is an innovative company, both on its production lines and in the heart of the territory that is home to this exceptional water. Protection of the catchment area and its biodiversity, preservation of water resources, quality monitoring, health and safety policy, research into more virtuous packaging, reduction and optimization of consumption, achievement of carbon neutrality, etc. So many skills and projects that offer great training opportunities, in a company that is building the future with its 830 employees.
Alltech Alltech
Alltech company, funded by Dr Pearse Lyons, provides sustainable solutions for agriculture. It offers a diverse portfolio of products and services that enhance the health and performance of plants and animals, resulting in better nutrition for all and reduced environmental impact. Alltech produces additives, premixes, animal feed, and biological products that are science-proven and supported by a platform of laboratory analysis and data management services. The company has over 40 years of scientific research experience and continues to carry on a legacy of innovation. Alltech quickly adapts to its clients’ needs and focuses on innovation.
Bordeaux Sciences Agro Bordeaux Sciences Agro
Bordeaux Sciences Agro is a public institution of higher education and agronomic research under the supervision of the French Ministry of Agriculture and Food. Founded in 1962, it trains 600 students each year in the Agronomic Engineering curriculum, either as initial training under student or apprentice status. Through its training, research and development activities, Bordeaux Sciences Agro participates in the challenges of agriculture, agro-ecology and food. These major issues of society, security and economic competitiveness are at the heart of international, European and national priorities. Bordeaux Sciences Agro is an institution that is very well integrated at the professional level, allowing it to disseminate research advances directly into the field.
Université des viandes Université des viandes
On the basis of training and research, the University of Meat places at the heart of its mission the dissemination of scientific and technical culture, and the transmission of all kinds of know-how, from animal husbandry to butchery, charcuterie and meat gastronomy. Accompanied by chef Jean-Marc TACHET, Meilleur Ouvrier de France holder of a patent for enrichment by vacuum impregnation of foodstuffs, the University of Meat has its future offices in Geneva (Switzerland), Milan (Italy) and EMAC in Rungis International PARIS.
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